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How do you pronounce “arbitrage?”
Sadly, this is the first question most people ask. So, let’s do this hooked on phonics style: it’s pronounced “Arb-it-raje.” “Arb” like a pirate, and “raje” like an Indian nobleman. Hope that helps.

What does arbitrage mean?
1) Arbitrage is a fancy financial term for the process of gaining free money in the markets. In the more popular sense, it’s buying and selling foreign currencies on the international markets, using the fluctuations in price to generate free money.
2) If you want a more thorough definition of what Arbitrage means, we encourage you to visit this link.

Why did you pick the word “Arbitrage” for your magazine’s name?
Okay, okay, we get it, so you can’t pronounce the name. Well, deal with it. The name comes from the ARB’s original theme as a financial magazine for young people. But since then, we’ve grown to become more than that.

The Arbitrage Magazine is a business magazine without the stuffiness, hence our tag line: Business news with BITE. We explore topics from a wide range of topics, but always with a business angle. We try to always discuss new topics or bring fresh angles to old subjects. We like high concept ideas, and ideas that explain the world in new ways. And we like focus on trends that will affect peoples lives 5-10-20 years down the line, and cover subjects before they become mainstream.

Why does the Arbitrage Magazine exist? What’s its purpose?
The Arbitrage exists to be a resource for young professionals looking to become tomorrow’s leaders and informed global citizens.

Where did the Arbitrage Magazine come from?  How did it start?
The Arbitrage Magazine started in late 2008, originally envisioned as a simple newsletter for the National Finance Students Association at York University, in Canada (NFSA.ca). After David Tal joined the NFSA as the loosely defined Chief Editor, he decided to turn that simple newsletter into something bigger.

Soon after, the Arbitrage Magazine was born. Because it received such a positive reception, more issues were created–one per school term. Over time, new writers and designers joined the team and ensured that each new issue was better than the last. David chose to continue running the ARB after he graduated in June, 2010, and since then the Arbitrage has launched this website (Oct 18, 2010), grown in staff (still growing) and grown its readership.

How often does the Arbitrage Magazine release new issues/content to its website?
Presently, we release six issues of the ARB per year.  As for the ARB website, we update daily.

How can I get more involved with the Arbitrage Magazine?
The Arbitrage has hundreds of contributors all over the world who write for the Arbitrage. Sign up today to join our network of ARB Contributors. There are other ways to get involved though, visit our INVOLVE page to learn about all the ways you can get involved with our community.

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