11 Awesome Online Money Making Methods

“Membership sites are a great way to build up continual income month after month. A great way to produce content for a membership site is by interviewing experts in your field.”

By Garin Kilpatrick, Contributing Blogger
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Making money online is an art.  It takes many components to make the conversion to cash happen, such as plenty of traffic, an autoresponder series, and good copywriting, but don’t think that it is Rocket Science.

I still remember making my first dollar online; it felt amazing.  Since that winter day a few years ago I have made a few thousand dollars online via several different methods, and I have an agressive plan for growth ahead.

Check out the tips below for some of my best knowledge for making money online, and share your online monet making thougts or experience with a comment!

1. Create a Product

Creating a product is arguably the best way to make money online, as you stand to keep the largest portion of the profits.

Some examples of products include:

  • eBook
  • DVD
  • Webinar or Webinar Series
  • Training Program

Products that I have created so far include: The Twitter Tools Book, and 60 Day 6 Pack, and I currently have a Facebook Marketing DVD in production.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you sell someone elses product, then earn a percentage of the profit for referring the sale.

[pullquote]Some eBay Power Sellers make over a million dollars a year selling products through eBay.[/pullquote]

If you are looking for a knowledge base to learn more about Affiliate Marketing look no farther than Mark Ling’s affilorama.com.

Clickbank is my favorite affiliate network, as they offer the best comission on the digital products they sell (Usually 50-75%).


Commission Junction is a great place to look for recognizable brands offering decent comissions.  I made my first few bucks online promoting a free vista print offer that I linked up through CJ.

I recommend looking for offers that are international whenever possible (like all offers on clickbank) so that you can capitalize on the widest possible market.

Commission Junction pays a comission typically when a sale is made, and they also have a new method of marketing that allows you to earn a comission for every call you refer.

Amazon Affiliates is an awesome network because of the breadth of products that Amazon offers.  The downside to Amazon is that the comissions are low, usually just a few percent. make-money-with-amazonThere are a few important benefits to being an Amazon affiliate:

  • Amazon is excellent at converting clicks into buyers
  • Amazon is great at upselling
  • Amazon will pay you comission on anything that someone buys on Amazon for 24 hours after they click your amazon link
  • People trust Amazon links

To be successful with Amazon you will need serious volume.  Chris Guthrie has sold almost a million dollars of products on Amazon by getting his niche websites ranked in Google.

Check out his site at: Make Money on The Internet.com

3. Build a Membership Site

Membership sites are a great way to build up continual income month after month. A great way to produce content for a membership site is by interviewing experts in your field.  Interviewing experts is a great way to give your content an edge, and build relationships with influential people in the process. All content that you offer on a Membership site does not have to be original.  You can curate content about your topic from YouTube, and elsewhere around the web, and still add awesome value for your members. WordPress allows you password protect any individual page on your site.  This can become awkward though when you get into multiple pages. Wishlist Member is an awesome WordPress Plugin that can turn your website into a fully functional Membership Site.

4. Flip a Website

If you buy a cool domain and make it into an awesome Website, especially a site that earns a profit, you can turn around and sell it on flippa.com. I am open to the idea of selling a website, but currently I do not want to sell any of my sites. I am planning to launch a new website in the nutritional supliments niche soon (I already have the domain name chosen) and my plan is to rank this site in the #1 spot in Google for the keywords I am using in the domain name. When a domain has the keywords you are trying to rank for as part of the URL it will rank much easier in Google. To determine what keywords I want to use I use the Google Keyword Tool to determine what keywords have high traffic and low competition. Do a Google search for the keywords you are thinking about trying to rank for.  If there are less than 30,000 websites containing these keywords this is a good indication of low competition. If there are AdWords ads surrounding the keywords you are searching for this is a good competition that there is money to be made with a site that ranks for those keywords.  The more advertisers, the bigger the market.

5. Start a Social Network

Hey, it worked for Mark Zuckerberg!


If you start a Social Network and build a community there you will compell users to come back on a regular basis to see what is happeining in the community. 50% of Facebook Users login to the site every day.  The power of a strong social network is undeniable, and I find the idea of a custom branded social network is very compelling. Check out the Social Network Maker Service SocialGo if you are looking to build a Social Network in as little as a few minutes. Ning is another site that enables you to create a social network, and it comes with a free trial.

6. Offer Coaching Services

Once you establish yourself as an expert in your field you are in a position to offer Coaching services to others. The easier it is for your clients to pay you, the more clients you will get, which is why

7. Sell Photos on a Stock Photography Site

If you have a bunch of photos in the hopper, getting them onto a stock photo site can be a smart way to earn some extra cash. There is a tremendous amount of competition in this arena, but this also means that might be an convenient way for you to build up a secondary income stream. A few places where you can share a sale of your photos online include: Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and Big Stock Photo.

8. Get Paid with CPA

CPA Stands for “Cost per Action.”  If you promote offers on a CPA network you will earn comissions each time an action is taken. Sometimes the action required is simply a lead (an email address submit), and other times it is triggered by the downloading of a piece of software, like a toolbar or a web broswer extention. Neverblue is the only CPA network I use at the moment, and I am running a Facebook PageRage promo for them that allows people to add a background to their Facebook Profile.

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