6 Weapons of Online Influence

Once way to do this is to offer a 72 hour sale.  You can then follow up at 48 hours, 24 hours, 6 hours, etc, counting down to the time when your awesome bonuses will be taken away.

Limited technology is one way to implement a scarce offer.  For example next week when I launch my new Facebook Training Program called: Facebook Power for the first 100 people who buy I will be offering a free Facebook Webinar.  I can only offer this bonus to 100 people because currently my webinar plan only supports 100 people, maximum.


In this article I tried to give insight into Cialdini’s weapons of influence from an internet marketers perspective.  To get a more wholistic view of these “laws” I highly recommend you grab a copy of Cialdini’s book Influence.  If you apply these weapons of influence into your life and business you will be able to exercise greater influence in your life, and achieve more of the results you want.

Feature image courtesy of Jason Howie
Banner image courtesy of Thomas Angermann

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