Diversion Tactics: 6 Ways to Market like a Pro

It’s Wise Not to Forget!

Written by Shelly Verma, Guest Contributor

Image obtained via  Victor1558 on Flickr Creative Commons

Image obtained via Victor1558 on Flickr Creative Commons

What makes an advertisement successful? Is it the product or service itself, or is it the way it is presented to the audience? Or maybe it’s the humor or the way people can relate to it. Whatever it may be, the main objective is to capture the audience’s attention and get them to notice you. You do not have to spend a fortune or run up your credit to market like a pro. Here are some ways to get people to pause for a moment and take notice of you.

Tell some Interesting Facts:

How about posting some facts about your business or the industry you are in, as funny anecdote?

For example, if you own a pizza parlor you could post interesting stories about the origins of pizza, how it changed to what is today and other such trivia on your website or social media. How about painting one wall in your parlor with a comic strip that tells the story, and putting this up on your page?

Though this is not overtly promotional information, you are presenting information your target market is likely to enjoy.

Make it Illustrative:

You can reach out to your customers through photographs and creative pictures that represent your business. A cake shop that posts beautiful pictures of their cakes and desserts is a lot more likely to attract customers than one that just advertises about them. You can put up pictures of anything you like, right from the basic cakes to the fancy, made for special occasion pastries.

Catch up with the latest technology trends, and follow what sites people visit the most. Pinterest is a great way to post pictures and market your product or service in a visual way. It’s more likely that people will remember you the next time they need to buy something of the category you provide, if they’ve seen vivid pictures of it.

[pullquote]Advertising on social media is the best way to offer one liners or humorous bits and pieces of information.[/pullquote]Do you think customers would want to read about promotional deals and tacky advertisements a company posts online? Or would they prefer reading a funny or interesting fact or seeing a picture?

Add a touch of Humor:

Advertising on social media is the best way to offer one liners or humorous bits and pieces of information. This approach depends on what the business is and what kind of an image it aims to present. If the product or service you offer has a more good-humored image this may be the perfect way to get in touch with your customers. Humor is catchy and once it goes viral, it will help your links move further among friends.

Think of some funny television commercials. Does the early flash mob guy from the AT&T ad run through your memory? What about the boys being attacked by buffaloes and their State Farm agent transports them to the home office? These company names are forever etched into our memory because their commercials were so funny.

Of course, you don’t have to try to be funny all the time. The idea is just to make your audience smile, no matter how minute the gesture.

Don’t forget the freebies:

Every wondered why those squeeze stress balls, light-up pens, little board games, etc, make for such great promotional material? Diversion tactics do not always have to be digital, and can extend offline as well. Think of all the free stuff we sign up for like sample shampoo sachets, perfume testers, etc.

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