Exams, Fear and Failure..!

Why Worry?

First published in The Indian Fusion
Written by Tanuj Rawat

Prior to a month before exams, most of the students are busy in the act of collecting materials, getting notes xeroxed, arranging for syllabus, understanding concepts from ghissus, mugging up syllabus, solving last year’s question papers and what not! Just for the sake of a few marks they work day in and out, preparing themselves as if they are going to launch a satellite in few days

Somebody like me, who is an engineering student, does not panic or grow fearful of the exams; and why would he, after sitting through 30 final exams with dozens of weekly tests thrown in, from nursery till the 12th standard, hundreds of tests in the coaching classes […] batch Changing test’ after every 2 months, ‘Home test’ every week… blah.. blah.. blah!! After such a cracker jack vexing, anyone will become accustomed to exams.

But there are some, who are not able to cope up with the exam pressure. They have a misconception that, they have ordinary thinking and weak mentality, that’s why their nervousness results into anxiety and fear of exams. Thus, they continue pushing too hard at life, growing fearful of failure. They begin to question themselves, “Why am I not getting the damn grades!!?” They get so worried and scared, that even the answers they know well (during exams) seem to get hazy.

One or two examinations cannot make or destroy anyone! Exam is just a tool to assess skill, aptitude or knowledge; academic result cannot expose someone’s potential or talent.

Failure is an integral part of life, learn from it. Failing does not make anyone failure. Failures can never be bigger than the person failing! Failure in an exam doesn’t mean end of life.

No one is a born hero, Keep faith in yourself! Prepare before exams, instead of running at 12th hour. Work Hard, because one who sows less will reap less and one who sows more will also reap more!

Courtesy The Indian Fusion 

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