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Dear Arbitrage Readers,

This page is dedicated to our student club partners who agreed to join the Arbitrage Magazine network. The ARB team are big believers in win-win relationships, so the growing list below is meant to highlight those student club partners who feel the same way. Please show give them your support by giving them a visit!

If you are a member or leader of a business related student club, we encourage you to sign up your club to the Arbitrage Magazine club network. Membership is FREE and all the cool services we give you are FREE too! Contact us to learn more:



Partner Clubs

Laurier Marketing Association is Wilfrid Laurier’s only marketing club on campus. Our mission is to provide the entire Laurier student body with the knowledge, opportunity and experience necessary for the marketing industry by providing comprehensive resources that span the academic, professional and social facets of marketing.


The University of Lethbridge Finance Club (Twitter: @ULFinanceClub) is dedicated to connecting students with industry professionals in the Calgary-area.



The Business Finance Association is dedicated to maintaining an educational link between students and the world of finance. Our goal is to  encourage students to explore the vast spectrum of finance disciplines, whilst supporting their career preparation and increasing their marketability to employers.


The Brock Finance & Investment Group is a team of focused students and graduates who actively invest capital in the North American marketplace. Along with actively managing our portfolio, the members take part in competitions and conferences on behalf of Brock University.


The National Finance Students Association (NFSA) is a national, non-profit, student-run initiative, which aims to enhance student leadership in finance by both motivating our members and providing them with the resources they can use to be better equipped and competitive in a real world setting. These are goals we will achieve through our upcoming seminars, workshops, networking sessions and competitions. We are committed to creating a nationwide network that will bring together finance students and faculty from universities across Canada with the aim of sharing knowledge, skills and resources.

The Business Technology Management Association is a community of Schulich students, alumni and faculty interested in IT or the information and communications technology (ICT) industry that serves as a focal point for networking, recruitment and learning. We offer our members a roster of events that aim to educate, unify, and advance students in their respective professional  areas of interest and specialization. As tomorrow’s leaders, we believe that understanding how technology can be used to create a competitive advantage and achieve business objectives is a valuable asset. Visit our website at www.schulichbtma.com for more information and upcoming events!

The Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) is a student-run organization that is continually striving to promote personal and professional development among all Human Resources Management and business students of York University. As a student organization we strive to facilitate the knowledge of HR among students, faculty, and industry leaders. Our goal is to develop an innovative and open culture within an organic organizational structure that is distinctive and that re-emphasizes the fundamental principles that constitute Human Resources Management. Visit us at www.hrsayork.com.

SIFE UofT is a non-for-profit student run organization that devotes to empowering dynamic communities to develop responsible business solutions through an entrepreneurial approach. We aim to promote entrepreneurship and enhance economic opportunities by creating effective and innovative projects that will directly educate or create new learning experiences

The York Marketing Association (YMA) is the official marketing organization that represents both York University and the Schulich School of Business. Through its outstanding portfolio of events, it offers members the knowledge and exposure to the Marketing industry to prepare them for their future careers.

The Student Marketing Association (SMA) is Simon Fraser University’s creative and innovative marketing-based student club. It provides Simon Fraser students with exposure to marketing, event coordination, and leadership through project management of numerous professional events throughout the year.

The Rotman Commerce Marketing Association (RCMA) is a student-run organization that aims to expose, educate and engage students in the world of marketing. Connect with them on Facebook (facebook.com/rcmanews), Twitter (@RCMAnews: twitter.com/rcmanews), or visit their website, rcmanews.ca.

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