Content Partners

This page is dedicated to our online content partners who agreed to share their content with the ARB readers, while sharing the ARB’s content with their readers. The ARB team are big believers in win-win relationships, so the list below is meant to highlight those online partners who feel the same way. Please show them your support by giving them a visit!

If you would like to join our network and share your online content with the Arbitrage, please send your request to



Garin Kilpatrick
Content partner
Description: Want to learn about how to wield social media, Garin’s your guru!

Honest College
Content partner
Description: Honest College is a source for advice on anything you may encounter at college. They let YOU share advice, and craft out your own personality in the articles you write. It’s free too! So take a look, and see what every new college student is already browsing.

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