Obama Administration on the Fresh Syrian Attacks

By: Geetashree Hazarika, Staff Writer

Obama seems to be stalling for time making calculated calls for confirmation on the use of chemical weapons in Syria until his administration formulates a better diplomatically believable response. US General Martin Dempsey’s cancelling of a press meet is another such indication.

This “big event of grave concern” according to Obama, is evidenced by a lot of activity in the Syrian chemical weapons sites. With the rising figure of children fleeing Syria, the situation clearly demands a solicited probe by the UN. Despite relentless international support and urges, the Syrian authorities seem to be unrelenting.

With the opposition staring hard at the Obama administration and calling for a course of action, the president is hesitant of taking any concrete military action.

It is suitable right now to look up Obama’s response to the ouster of Mohamed Morsi in the recent Egyptian military coup. The victorious military authority refused to look past the diplomacy in the reconciliation proposal, something the Obama administration insists on being a real effort.

Obama’s red line has long grown a blurry, as the pronouncement of what kind of offensive will trigger a military response isn’t quite clear in contrary to his former statement a year ago.

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Banner image courtesy of The U.S. Army

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