Pepsi Still Has Carcinogen, Study Shows

Pepsi sold outside of California contains cancer-causing caramel formula

By: Julienne Bay, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Dave Schauer

Photo courtesy of Dave Schauer

It’s been more than a year since Pepsi Co. said it would change its cancer-causing caramel colouring formula. But according to the Centre for Environmental Health (CEH), it still contains too much carcinogenic material.

Last March, both Coca-Cola Co. and Pepsi Co. were required to adjust their formula when California passed its law on mandatory cancer warning labels for drinks containing chemical methylimidazole (4-MeI).

[pullquote]CEH reported on Wednesday that Pepsi sold outside of California still contained high levels of 4-MEI, while competitor Coca-Cola has largely reformulated its beverages.[/pullquote]

California’s state law, Proposition 65, requires toxic substance labels for manufacturers. 4-MeI was added to its list after the National Toxicology Program’s study found the correlation between lung cancer and long exposure to 4-MeI in mice. [pullquote]4-MeI can form in caramel colouring during its production and is found in cola, beer, soy sauce and other food products.[/pullquote]

In response, Pepsi Co. announced this week that the company will sell drinks with lower levels of 4-MeI to the rest of the states outside of California by February 2014.

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