Entrepreneurship: Choice or Last Resort?

What Will You Choose?

First published in The Indian Fusion
Written by Namrata Yadav

[There are some passionate and] different views of people on entrepreneurship as a career option. Some think of it as a last resort. Someone who couldn’t get a placement or job and so finally had to do something with his own resources. He didn’t have any other choice. Then there are others who can’t stand working under or for someone else and always dream of being a successful entrepreneur. But still most people in society think of E-ship as a last resort. But is it?

It is true that not everyone can choose “the path less trodden”, and even those who do have to face a lot of challenges to succeed. So a lot of people say that entrepreneurs are born. They possess leadership qualities or some genetic advantage. But in most cases people just learn to be entrepreneurs.

There are lots of reasons that people take up e-ship. There’s financial independence. A lot of people are not interested in studying like a bookworm but rather try doing something useful with their time; and if at the time of placement companies with mindsets dating back to the age of dinosaurs reject them, setting up their own business is a much more lucrative option. I have often heard people complain of their long working hours and not liking what they do. But as an entrepreneur you do what you love, so you will have working hours that are free and not bound by office hours. They are not constantly trying to catch up with time but rather set out time to catch up with other activities. Some people don’t like working under someone else. They don’t like working long hours while someone else carries away the credit, something that creates a lot of resentment among every working person.

[pullquote] Entrepreneurship is not a gold mine that you will get rich as soon as you start out![/pullquote]Then there are some myths and prejudices about E-ship as well. An entrepreneur is someone who takes risks. But they also know that they are taking a gamble and they prefer situations where the odds are in their favour. They know how to make sense out of complexity. Entrepreneurship is not a gold mine that you will get rich as soon as you start out! It takes time to set up business and even more time to make profit. Only those who have long term goals and have a clear idea of what they want in future have a chance of surviving. Also, some people think entrepreneurs don’t have a life; they spend all their time on their jobs. But then they also have the option of rescheduling meetings and all to suit their timings and personal life.

Every time someone wants to promote e-ship, they give examples of people like Bill Gates who failed in school and yet became such icons. But he is one in billions! So failing exam after exam and still dreaming to be the next Bill Gates is not the best thing to do. The competition is fierce, but it doesn’t mean you have to step over others to succeed yourself; by being humble and asking for help in initial stages will help draw customers or employees later.

Then there are some social stereotypes. Frankly, people from my parents’ generation believe in getting a secure job, getting married, having a couple of kids and then live happily ever after. So anything deviating even a little from the plan is thought of as a bad idea.

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