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Education vs. Experience: which will pave the way for success?

Written by Oxana Tsirelman, Staff Writer

A university business degree is a highly controversial topic. Some claim it’s just a piece of paper while others maintain that it gets your foot in the door to all professions-including business. However, there’s more to succeeding in business than just a degree.

In an interview, successful business consultant, Mary Pat Blake, asserts that, “there’s one key to success above all others: truly know what your customers want, and deliver on it.” Sharp social skills and intuition are the key ingredients to any successful business, and a degree can’t teach that.

There are other important virtues that a degree can’t provide: persistence and perseverance. Kee-Hong Bae, professor at the Schulich School of business, cites that, “my experience tells me hard work always works” in terms of succeeding in business. Doctor Ida Greene, a renowned consultant who trains and advises people in success, explains that the ability to sell products and a desire for a challenge is a sure way to thrive in the business world.

After all, in order to have a successful business, you must sell the concept behind it: you. Greene goes on to assert that you must be able to see opportunities and act on them to thrive in the business world. After all, “to succeed in the business world, you will need to be an opportunistic entrepreneur. Each day you live, you tread on uncharted terrain. Keep a keen eye. Be forever looking out for new opportunities; when you see one, seize it. It may not come back again.”

[pullquote] Sharp social skills and intuition are the key ingredients to any successful business, and a degree can’t teach that.[/pullquote]Unfortunately, what also often happens with university students is that they don’t acquire the experience and connections that would serve them well once they graduate and set off in the real world. They often think that if they have that “piece of paper” that says they can do something, they will be hired right off the bat.

In other words, they think that a business degree entitles them to a job. This mentality usually leads to an unemployed business school graduate. John Maxwell, author and speaker on the importance of leadership, asserts that, “the first step towards success is leading yourself exceptionally well.”

Many people think that making good decisions is the key to self leadership whereas it’s actually managing those decisions that counts. Unfortunately, what often happens is that people make good decisions and have every intention of sticking to that decision; however, eventually, their motivation lessens and they don’t retain the decision. The consequences of that loss of motivation lead directly to failure in life and in business.

Now, all of these attributes that make a successful business don’t come from a business degree, but rather from within the person. A degree can simply give theoretical knowledge; while this is a good thing, it doesn’t make one a successful business person or a good employee. Experience, combined with connections and solid social skills, will make you unstoppable.

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