Big Possibilities for Big Data Analysis

Finally, some data is subjective or comes from questionable sources, and is thus detrimental to the results of big data analysis. “Given the current state of our technological driven society,” says Hansen, “there is a danger in accepting, without questioning, sources of data and that is dangerous.” This goes for the information being analysed, as well as the information that is produced. If the analysts producing the information do not have skills or credentials to properly analyse big data, then their resulting information could be questionable.

Keeping in mind the issues that can arise with big data analysis, it is still a potentially useful and profitable market. Big data has the ability to improve all sectors in a variety of ways, either directly through the analysis of data resulting in helpful information, or indirectly with the creation of education and job opportunities. Making the most important piece of information, whether or not we can keep up with big data.



Ocean-Leigh Peters is an aspiring Journalist from Sussex, New Brunswick. She is a recent graduate from the University of New Brunswick Saint John with an English Honours Degree, and will be studying Journalism at the University of King’s College in the fall.

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