Change the World, Do What You Love, Make Rent

The availability of resources like these have expanded considerably since the Kielburger brothers began their social enterprise, answering to the demand for innovative philanthropy. Marc believes it is imperative to “think outside the box of traditional charitable routes.” He suggests that new social entrepreneurs not only have a big heart, but go to business school, understand finance, combine spending time overseas learning about global issues with an internship at a large company. A Rhodes scholar, Oxford-educated lawyer, and Harvard graduate himself, Marc is able to address issues of poverty and education from a business perspective. Like taking the statistic that says most Canadians spend about five per cent of their income on charities, and thinking: “that’s 95 per cent opportunity to buy services that drive social benefit.”

It is possible to make a difference and make rent. The progressive entrepreneur understands that there is a generation out there that desires to consume products that give back, and they are willing to advocate for them with their words and their dollars. You can look back at that ten year old version of yourself and say, there is a way to have your cake, and give it away, too.




Imogen is a journalist, writer, and filmmaker living in Toronto. Her work explores cross-cultural stories of immigration and gender. She writes copy for a creative design studio and the short film she wrote The Haircut, debuted at ReelWorld Film Festival this past spring.

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