Ending World Poverty | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 4, No. 1

Ending World Poverty | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 4, No. 1

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As you trade in summer vacation for a return to books and lecture halls, let the ARB help you regain your academic groove with some BITE through the release of our eighth issue.

Poverty has consistently proven to be a prominent issue we face as a global community, but it has been emphatically heightened in light of the persistent economic hardships we cannot seem to escape.

From rethinking African development to embracing the remarkable progress of Singapore; this issue goes beyond a superficial acknowledgement that poverty is a real issue, and tackles head on what we can really do to combat it. Are short term loans and donations really the solution to ending poverty in Africa, or must we dig deeper? Trapped in a political battlefield, has ending poverty simply become rhetoric? Read on, open your mind, and make your own personal conclusions on this contentious topic.

Naturally, the ARB always stays true to its strong student readership. ‘Budding Investors‘ introduces investment opportunities for students; ‘Apple Nation’ acknowledges youth’s fascination with Apple Inc; ‘B-schools: Which one’s for you’ helps guide business graduate hopefuls to their dream schools; and ‘Entrepreneur Watch: Dan Tanenbaum’ gives some sound advice about entrepreneurship from the ground up.

Take a seat, buckle up, and prepare yourself to be enlightened by our latest installment: Ending Poverty.

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