Glassholes are People Too

The goal of the event is to make the development process faster and more efficient by bringing together developers, designers, and Explorers to dream up and bring to life wild new Glass apps.

Some of the more exciting (and maybe terrifying, depending on how you look at it) potentials for Glass are being explored by innovators outside of Google. In the hacking community, developers are working on apps that can show you entire building floor plans, do facial recognition, or measure the size of your date’s pupils to see how attracted to you they are.

A scary possibility was recently pointed out by two such developers, graduate researchers Mike Lady and Kim Paterson of California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo. These students built the prototype for the stealth sousveillance spyware that all the seemingly paranoid haters of Google Glass have been freaking out about: a program that takes a photo every ten seconds when Glass’s display is off, uploading the images to a remote server without the wearer’s knowledge, basically hacking their point of view. The only thing standing in the way of this technology being used is mere policy. There are no real security provisions against it.

In the meantime, maybe you’re not ready to have your pupils measured by a cyborg the next time you’re on a blind date, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to deliver a roundhouse to someone’s face. To bring back another one of those important life lessons they teach you in grade school: don’t hate the player, hate the game.


BIO: Loren March is a freelance writer based out of Toronto. She is a Communications graduate hailing from sunny Winnipeg, Manitoba, and currently completing her degree in Urban Studies at York University. Follow her blog at

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