Heros | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 4, No. 4

Heros | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 4, No. 4

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It’s no secret-change is sweeping the world. Whether you want to take to the streets with Occupy or focus on your personal development, Arbitrage 11 reflects the evolution of both the individual and population. If activism is your cup of tea, read an in-depth investigation of the state of Canadian cooperatives in the feature, “Cooperatives on the Rise.” There is also inspiration available in, “Project One12: One Girl, Ten Jobs, Six Cities” on Meaghan Smulders, who made headlines when she went on a journey to find the perfect job.

Onto more international matters, we examine whether China’s economy has stopped growing. Can such a big economy really slow down? And why is lion hunting in South Africa such a big problem? Although these issues may feel a world away, they have a ripple effect that influences people in North America and vice versa. In short, we want to keep you fully informed about the most intriguing challenges faced by people around the globe.

Besides a strong flavor of business and activism, our magazine contains hints of Twitter, Pink Floyd and New York. Will you enjoy the main taste or the subtle undertones? There’s only one way to tell.