New State Order | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 5, No. 1

New State Order | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 5, No. 1

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The 21st century is a very special time and place to be a part of. The world today finds itself in the grips of a new cultural, economic and political world order that’s putting the very definition of “democracy” under the lens. In this issue of the Arbitrage, we delve into the state in which democracy finds itself under this New World Order by exploring the trends that are making waves now and rippling into the future.

We explore questions such as whether getting a university degree even matters anymore? How are students affecting the labour market in this economy? And what are 21 of the most common communication mistakes that may be holding your career back?

In an age that’s defined by constant change and innovation, we’re also pressed to analyze the possible effects on our climate and our societies. We’ve worked hard on this issue to explore matters such as the way the technological revolution is changing our lives, and why so much business travel may be noxious to your heath.

But we’re also asking the tough questions, such as why the Canadian federal government is choosing to close the Experimental Lakes Area. We’re covering the controversial issues, such as the massive protests opposing major pipeline deals in Canada, or the effects that human enterprise continues to have on the world’s climate. And of course, we’re going after the information that our business-oriented readers are after, such as how mergers and acquisitions are shaping our banking industry today?

The world is changing dramatically and we have the privilege of being the generation that will come through it … that will make history. On behalf of the ARB staff, I invite you to flip through our pages to catch a glimpse of that change before it’s too late … to realize what the State of Democracy is today in the New World Order.