Rising Against | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 5, No. 2

Rising Against | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 5, No. 2

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With the ever increasing pace of today’s world, it can sometimes be hard to appreciate the thoroughly disruptive change that’s taking hold in every element of our culture. While some of these changes are the result of new technologies, the deeper ones emerge from people rising up and rising against the established power systems that have controlled them for decades and centuries.

In this century alone, humanity has taken massive leaps forward when it comes to the fight for equality, be it for different skin colors, genders, or sexual orientations. In this last decade alone, we saw a small group of hackers humble giant corporations and governments for abusing people’s privacy and rights, we saw people from across the Arab world rise against their governments to demand better representation, we saw people from across the globe rise against the 1% to advocate for a fairer, more stable economic system.

In every case, it has been everyday people who have broken laws, customs, and traditions in the name of progress toward a fairer and more equitable world. It is these everyday people who are making a difference in their communities, with and without government support. It is these everyday people who are the theme of this issue.

This issue also looks at how different communities are responding to various social issues in innovative ways. We look at how the government of Rwanda is rebuilding itself from society scared from genocide; how first nations peoples are flexing their pipes against Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline; and how citizens are pioneering new ways to combat crime and homelessness in their communities.

Finally, we’ll also take a look at the latest happenings in the tech, business, and finance worlds. We look at the Blackberry 10 and how Rim is betting it all on their new BB platform. We chat with the team at Maluuba who have introduced a revolutionary mobile voice search technology on the Android platform that rivals Siri in a big way. On the business front, we introduce readers to annuities and Forex trading.

In all, this issue is packed with content that will challenge the way you think about social revolutions, the rule of law, and alternative ways to build a better community.

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