The Social Media Phenomenon | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 4, No. 2

The Social Media Phenomenon | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 4, No. 2

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Time sure flies. The early part of the twenty-first century was characterized by the explosion of the Internet, and its cementing itself as a fundamental necessity to society. But in the latter half of this past decade, we were witness to yet another phenomenon as social media gained prevalence around the world. And, if current social trends have proven anything, it’s that social media is not a fad. Instead, it’s a genuine way to facilitate a global community through the sharing of information.

We felt it was time to dedicate an entire issue to the topic as indeed, social media is a true phenomenon. As this issue will explore, social media is influencing all aspects of society, from the instantaneous dissemination of news, to the encouragement of free speech and revolt against tyranny, to the publication of one’s personal and professional life. We hope you enjoy the various pieces written inside, and from them gain a newfound understanding and appreciation of social media and the phenomenon that it has become.

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