Do Canadians Have an Advantage in International Business?

“That there are communities that intermingle with the dominant community and have their own culture that is a jumble of all the cultures that they live and breathe with.”

“There has been a push in B.C. to encourage more co-productions with the lucrative Chinese market,” writes Marsha Lederman for the Globe and Mail. “Last year the Whistler Film Festival held its inaugural China Canada Gateway for Film Script Competition, an effort to kickstart more co-productions with China.”

This desire to co-operate with the Chinese film industry offers a lot of potential for Chinese-Canadians, and other culturally aware individuals who wish to work in this field of business.



Chelsi Robichaud is a Bachelor of Humanities student at Carleton University in Ottawa. In her free time, she enjoys creative writing and playing the harp and piano. 

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