How high expectations leads to achieving them

It’s Better to Aim High and have Something, than to Aim Low and have Nothing.

First published in The Indian Fusion
Written by Harsh Sharma

Fish Jump's to bigger bowl

The most stupid thing that many of us do is not to aim high (the fear of failure influence us to aim low)

APJ Abdul Kalam once said “low ambition is a crime.” Aiming low is dangerous as it allow us to reach the target easily and hides our disabilities, to make our abilities and disablities bare we need to aim high.

Even a study, published by the Journal of Consumer Research, says that people who set ambitious goals are usually more satisfied than people who have lower expectations.

As the old adage goes, if you aim low, you’ll never be disappointed. But according to lead study author Cecile K. Cho, this is not true. So, if you are going to end up disappointed anyway, why not strive to aim higher?

Apply this theory to your semester target. You can plan to score 60% and be satisfied when you reach that score, but why not shoot directly for 80%?
I am sure, you will not hit that total, but when you end up scoring 70% or more, you’ll be happier with your results than if you settled for 60% only.

Always aim high…!
Stretch yourself beyond your capabilities or disabilities…!
Invest with your blood, tears, swears and sweat in your dreams…!
Never mind if you succeeded or failed…!
Remember, One who has never failed is most probably the one who never aimed high, never tried enough…!

Courtesy The Indian Fusion

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