Are You The Manager of Tomorrow?

You Need to Ask Yourself these Questions to be Ready for Tomorrow

By: Shelly Verma, contributing blogger

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Ever wondered why Bill Gates was known as “The Greatest Entrepreneur of All Times”?  One of the key ingredients was he was a great manager!

After all, what defines a good manager?

Firstly, you have to have a vision. It consists of where do you see yourself in a few years from now? Do you feel that the skills you possess are adequate enough to excel in today’s fast paced markets?

The next aspect you will probably ask yourself is “how do I become a great manager?”

Well, some are naturally good managers, although most of us can become one with a little help. A Management Course or a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) after graduation would certainly be your best bet!

What is an MBA?

An MBA is a Master of Business Administration, typically a two-year degree program, in which you will learn mostly about management and leadership. There are various specializations such as: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Systems and Operations, International Business, IT, Foreign Trade and many more. To a large extent, how you choose your specialization depends on your career goals and a
little bit on where your interests lie in.

[pullquote]An MBA can be an ignition for your career goals, but it certainly cannot assure to achieve those goals.[/pullquote]For example: You might want to specialize in marketing, if you are interested in promotion, branding, selling, communications, creative design or research. What is great about marketing is you will have the opportunity to be creative and work with interesting people on exciting campaigns.

Do not forget that it is critical that you take the time to research different professional areas and their requirement. Everyone may have their own reasons, but here is why I feel you should go for an MBA:

1. Becoming an entrepreneur and it increases the much needed job opportunities.

2. Moving to a higher position in the same industry or function.

3. The most important aspect is the exposure that one gets todifferent aspects of management from the experts in those industries.

After finding an answer to your question, the next thing you need to ask yourself is:

1. Where do I stand today? I am an Electronics and Communications engineer and I have successfully completed XX projects and handled XX responsibilities.

2. What kind of job profile/role am I looking for in the future? I am looking for a role as consulting manager continuing in the same Electronics field, but with more responsibilities.

3. What skills do I already possess and what new skills are required? The best way to answer this question would be to list all the skills required to be a Management Consultancy: Technical knowledge, Analytical skills, Leadership skills, Business skills, Management skills, etc.

4. What have I done so far to prove that I am moving towards my career goals? This can be anything that I have done in the past such as interacting with my work colleagues or clients. This includes whatever managing or team leading work that I have done.

An MBA can be an ignition for your career goals, but it certainly cannot assure to achieve those goals. Remember that you can still achieve your goals without an MBA, since only one third of the CEO’s in US have an MBA degree!

In today’s global environments, good managers should have the capacity not just to manage money, but time, manpower and resources simultaneously.
Do not forget that by having a proper vision of your future, you might walk down the same path Bill Gates did!

Shelly enjoys writing on various subjects including career moves, finance, insurance, and home improvement. You can find her writing on different sites.ARB Team

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