How Online Fax Services Can Simplify Your Life

With the decline of traditional fax machines, this IS a great alternative.

Written by Shelly Verma, Contributing Writer

As you set up or expand your business, you are going to look for ways to increase its efficiency and implement cost effective measures. The issue is how to improve your operations without compromising the communication tools that you use, since the key to survival in the corporate world is instant and effective communication. For example, the invention of the fax machine first made this possible through the use of a telephone line, though using modern technologies such as an Online Fax Service has even greater advantages over traditional faxing. Let’s see how.

What is online faxing?

Online fax or Internet fax uses the internet to send document replicas. The hard copy of a document is converted to a digital file type such as PDF and is sent via email. By using the office Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN), data is sent via an IP address through the internet or intranet. The machine at the other end must also be compatible with this technology in order to receive the fax from the Internet. There are several online service providers which provide a fax number and encrypt faxes for increased security.

[pullquote]If you do opt to fax documents, online fax services will by all means be the right choice.[/pullquote]Advantages of Online Fax Service

Effective communication: Using an online fax service allows for smooth and quick communications between each other. Your message is accurately replicated and your business will be more productive with instant communication.  

Cost Effective: An online fax is sent via e-mails and you only need an internet connection since a telephone line is not required. The costs of transferring data are covered by your internet service provider and you don’t need to pay any additional charges for faxing over the internet. Also, internet faxing significantly reduces the costs of long distance or overseas faxes.

No Special Software is Required: The document is converted into PDF format and transferred to the receiver as an attachment over the internet. Using IP Fax, the data from a networked multifunctional device is transmitted to the IP address of another on the intranet since no special software is required for this process. With LAN/WAN infrastructure, it’s possible to rule out costs of connection and transmission. Also, you can send multiple faxes simultaneously and make communication faster.

Mobility: Since it entirely uses an Internet connection, it is possible to send and receive online faxes at any location that has computers linked to the Internet. When you are linked to the receiver through the Internet fax service, you don’t need a traditional fax machine since all you need is a computer. Nowadays, with the uprising of Smart Phones with access to the internet, it gives you the possibility to continue your communication even without a computer.

Safety and Security: Companies that offer online fax services have all their faxes encrypted for increased security and to maintain the confidentiality of their customers. This is important when legal documents and authorizing procedures are to be faxed. For example, insurance papers, bank documents, income tax details, etc. need to reach place at the right time.

Save on Paper: When most of your communication is received or transferred as an attachment via e-mail, you are using much less paper than compared to a traditional fax machine. Also, it will avoid unnecessary print outs and reduce printer cartridge ink usage.

Fewer hidden costs: With the elimination of the traditional fax machine, lesser use of the printer and lower consumption of electricity, you will have considerable savings

Energy Efficient: The traditional fax machines has to be left on receive faxes, while computers can receive faxes even when it it’s turned off. This leads to higher savings on electricity.

There is a wide range of Internet-based fax services to choose from, therefore you need to research and select the best plan that suits your domestic or business needs. Though faxing may be regarded by some as an outmoded option, it still provides unique benefits. If you do opt to fax documents, online fax services will by all means be the right choice.

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