Who Controls Your Digital Reputation? | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 5, No. 6

Who Controls Your Digital Reputation? | Arbitrage Magazine | Vol. 5, No. 6

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Though I don’t spend outrageous amounts of time blogging, posting on Facebook, or Tweeting, I have been known to do all three and happen to be friends with hard-core social media junkies. At social events, these friends are the first to whip out their cameras and have the event documented online in more detail than I sometimes care to remember.

Sometimes, because I’m not the one doing the snapping or posting, it’s easy to overlook the way I’m being portrayed on the internet. However, as is becoming increasingly clear, I can’t afford to remain naïve much longer to my digital reputation.

The fact is: anyone with access to a search engine (yes, this includes school instructors on potential employers) can type in my name and feast their eyes on some questionable photos, posts, or Tweets that I assumed would eventually melt into the background of the billions of bytes of data that comprise the internet.

As this issue will prove, the internet’s memory is “far from selective” and it’s important
for you to keep a close eye on anything even remotely related to your name. What are the best ways to clean up your online image? The good news is, the process is not as arduous or time-consuming as you may think, and, believe or not, there are websites that can do it for you.

We also examine how you can protect sensitive information (such as banking information and real-time location) online without needing to abandon the ease and convenience of online banking or shopping.

This issue also closely considers the most common challenges faced by Generation Y, a group also known as the Millenials (those born between 1980- 2000). We all know the world is changing, and as the Millenials come into their own and begin to take the reins of their own lives, they’ll need a guidebook to navigate the world they’ve inherited.

Essentially, this issue of Arbitrage is meant to be that guidebook. We’re turning the microscope on the aspects of life in 2013 that most deeply affect the Millenial Generation. I believe that a strong understanding of our present strengths and challenges will propel us into a bright and successful future.

– Liana Crocco, Editor-in-Chief