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A great deal of work goes into producing the Arbitrage Magazine, more than any one person can do. That’s why we at the Arbitrage are fortunate to have such a large team to help develop and guide its growth to becoming Canada’s most widely read student magazine. The Arbitrage focuses on one thing: Business News with BITE. The following teams put the one who give the ARB that bite!

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Human Resources
Marketing & Communications


David Alexander
Founder and Publisher
- Email:

Meghan Lafferty
Editor in Chief

Tilly Wark
Managing Editor

Alexandria Chun
Chief Online Editor

Seta Janian
HR Director

Nicholas Wagner
Assistant HR Director

Monika Mistry
Communications Director


Saya Ye
Assistant Art Director

Mari Zhou
Assistant Art Director

Natalie Lawrence
Assistant Art Director

Phyllis Ho
Online Editor

Sarah Marsh
Online Editor

Allie Brogan
Online Editor

Callie Norwich
Online Editor

Lindsay May
Online Editor

Shai El-Ghazaly
Online Editor

Konstantinos Roccas
Section Editor

Spencer Emmerson
Section Editor

Natalie Wong
Section Editor

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