A Safe Work Environment Can Boost Productivity

Did you know that the happier and safer employees feel, the more likely they are to become more involved in their tasks and spring out more productivity? As a responsible employer who also cares about his employees, you should do everything in your power to prevent the negative consequences of an unsafe work environment. Frequent sick leaves, injured employees, higher insurance premiums, extra money spent to train newcomers to replace employees who are absent – they will all dig a deep hole into your budget. No matter the size of your business or whether you are running a manufacturing plant or an office building, you should follow a few basic steps and ensure everyone is safe, healthy, and happy at work.

Develop A Powerful Health&Safety Program

  • Identify all the hazards and risks associated to them and figure out straightforward solutions.

  • Devise a training program that effectively covers the use of all of your specific machinery and equipment in safe conditions.

  • Create a safety program that clearly reflects the daily reality of your activity.

  • Get employees directly involved into the program and periodically ask for their input in identifying equipment faults. Pick their brains and brainstorm ideas that could prevent injuries.

  • Office workers need to watch their back posture while sitting in front of their computers/desks. Manufacturing factories need "safety blitzes" that will constantly review all safety regulations regarding the use of equipment and machinery.

  • Write a reference manual and make sure everyone reads and consults it whenever needed.

  • Do not ignore periodical face-to-face meetings with your employees to test their level of understandings, concerns, or questions. All employees need to be well aware of the safety and security measures, including proper key management, door/cabinet/meeting room locking procedures, escape routes, natural disaster procedures and so on.

Pick The Brains Of Professional Locksmiths

Talk to a 24-7 nationwide locksmith service that can advise you concerning your door and window locks, safety bars, computer cable locks, latches, or alarm systems. Pick a service that can provide you with the full range of commercial locksmith service, including nonstop emergencies such as accidental lockouts, lost keys, or jammed locks.

24/7 nationwide locksmith serviceBusinesses cannot afford to pause their activity, as it will make them lose money and possible customers. This is why all security emergencies have to be handled with extreme care and responsibility, at the fastest speeds possible. A licensed and insured locksmith that is available 24 hours a day in all U.S. areas that a business keeps close ties to is therefore a must. The guys at 24/7 Local Locksmiths make an excellent example in this regard. Take a look at their special commercial website section and find out exactly what they can do for you and your business:

  • install new locks on your doors/windows;

  • fix, change, or re-key existing all models of locks;

  • cut duplicate keys;

  • install and fix commercial safes;

  • re-key master locks;

  • install and maintain intercom and CCTV systems;

  • install/repair cabinet locks etc.

Check their right-handed price list and approximate how much it might cost you to do a full makeover of your locks, keys, intercom, and surveillance systems. Clearly display their emergency number at sight, together with the fire department and other similar contacts. Install emergency phones in storage rooms and other isolated areas. Finally, support healthy lifestyles for your employees. Hold periodical presentations on wellness and subsidize gym memberships.

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