How much does it cost to hire a locksmith?


A business regardless of its size should not make the mistake of overlooking the physical security of its location. A simple thing like upgrading your locks and installing a few security cameras can discourage low level thieves from breaking in.

One of the reasons small business owners don’t take into account the implementation of higher security measures is the erroneous assumption that it costs too much and they think they don’t need it anyway.

Average costsLocskmith at work

The average cost of hiring a locksmith is $152 based on the actual project costs reported by the members of a website called HomeAdvisor. Now, it’s important to note that the majority if not all these people hired locksmiths for residential projects.

Still, if your business has a small headquarters, there is no reason why you’d pay more than a homeowner who upgrades the locks of every door in the house. Expect to pay anywhere between $95 and $210 for a regular project.

If you need to change the locks, you could pay anywhere between $30 and $300 depending on the lock you choose and what extra fees the locksmith charges. Weekend services cost even more, so make sure you don’t get locked out of your house on a Saturday.

For enhanced security, you could explore high tech keys and biometrics. Although the actual installation cost is not very high ($100-$500) you are bound to pay more on regular maintenance services.

Car locksmith services

Business activity that involves cars can be easily disrupted if the vehicle gets stolen or if the driver loses his key. That’s why these companies must have a locksmith on call at all times. It costs $30-$50 to have a car door unlocked in the event of someone locking himself out. For an auto lock change, people report having paid between $25 and $130 depending on the type of lock and car model. It is understandable that more expensive cars might have better locks that require more time to change. 

Take your time

It’s a terrible idea to start looking for a locksmith precisely when you need his services. You will end up making a potentially bad decision because of the urgency you’re in. Here’s an idea on how to avoid this: do your research beforehand and close a contract with the locksmith of your choice.

This gives you time to thoroughly research the market to find the best services at affordable prices in your area. Proximity is important whenever it comes to locksmith emergencies because you don’t want to wait around for the locksmith to come from the opposite part of town to change the locks after an unfortunate burglary at your business location.

If you don’t know who to choose, follow the link to see the prices of a locksmith company accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The advantage of business clients is that they can negotiate a contract to obtain better prices if they need locksmith services regularly. That being said, it’s a huge mistake not to look for a professional in advance. You will save money and you will get the quality of service that you seek.

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