How to choose the best smartphone for everyday needs

Smartphones are an essential gadget that modern humans cannot live without. There are countless smartphone models available in the market offered by various types of brands. There’s a certain variety of the operating systems on offer as well. Most consumers choose the smartphone that is most popular or famous at a given time. Some may even choose well-known brands. However, this buying trend doesn’t guarantee that you end up with the smartphone that is best for your needs. Here are several tips for choosing a smartphone that fits your lifestyle and budget:

The Operating System Should Matter in Your Purchasing Decision

Smartphones are sold with different types of operating systems. The main two are Android and iOS. But there are also Windows phones and Google Pixel phone out there. Don’t treat the OS trivially when you make the purchase. If you are buying a laptop, the OS would matter significantly, right? The same rule applies to smartphones.

Android smartphones are typically considered to be cheaper than iPhones. Actually, you can enjoy a variety of prices for phones with this OS. The typical iPhone price tends to be a lot higher. Android is the most popular smartphone OS in the world today. The OS offers the advantage of being very versatile, compared to iOS. Many brands make Android phones, but only Apple makes iPhones.

Choose an iPhone (which is only available with an iOS system) if that’s the product you really want. The iPhones are typically expensive but cater to both business and casual users. You can enjoy many apps and perks unique only to iPhones.

If you are unsatisfied with both OS mentioned above, you can try something new and go for a Windows, Google, or another type of OS.

List Your Requirements to Choose the Right Phone

There are smartphones optimized for multimedia consumption and phones designed for busy business users. Therefore, to end up with the right model, make sure you list your requirements before making the purchase. Are you a business user, a casual user, or going for business casual? The iPhones are great for business casual users, but Samsung Galaxy line is better suited for huge media consumers. The purchase depends on your requirements in this manner.

Set a Budget before Buying

Considering that cell phones prices can vary quite a bit, it’s strongly recommended to set a budget before browsing for options. Having a budget will ensure that you can purchase the best model within your financial constraints. A typical budget smartphone would cost less than $200 and would offer moderate amounts of storage. If you want a highly usable phone, set the budget around $500. You can spend more than that on a high-end phone if you can afford to.

Don’t forget about the size of the phone either. The typical smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch display. But you can purchase larger or smaller models than this. If you travel a lot, a smaller model would be more convenient. If you plan on watching movies on your phone, you might want to choose a bigger screen size. Think carefully about the size in advance to avoid making a purchase you regret later.

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