Jaguar Set to Release a New Line of Affordable Cars

The British car makers strive to deliver high-end luxury at a low-end price.


By: Marlon Gomez, Staff Writer


Photo courtesy of Frederik Hermann

Photo courtesy of Frederik Hermann

According to Reuters news agency, Jaguar is set to climb new heights in the automotive industry. Two close sources to the company told Reuters that Jaguar is set to launch new affordable models in 2015. This would be a big leap for Jaguar as it means they would be entering a market that has been mainly dominated by Mercedes Benz and BMW. These two giants have delivered countless entry level luxury cars with plenty of success, including Mercedes’ B-Class, Smart-Car and BMW’s series 1 coupe and the X1.

This is not a spontaneous move by Jaguar. Instead, Jaguar is looking to emulate the success of its sister company Land Rover. Jaguar and Land Rover have been officially incorporated since 2012 and today they go by the name of Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. Specifically, the Land Rover’s base models for the Evoque and the Freelander are the company’s two top selling models. Both of these base Rovers are considered lower cost entry-level luxury vehicles. With this success in mind, it is speculated that Jaguar will launch a smaller sedan and SUV crossover known as the “XF Sportsbrake”.

Jaguar Land Rover sales across the Middle East and North Africa are showing outstanding results. In these regions JRL have seen a 40% increase in sales “during the first quarter, from April to June 2013 inclusive. The figures represent a strong start to the fiscal year and include a record breaking month for sales in May 2013”.

While Jaguar has mainly focused in the past on sedans and sports cars, their success has sky rocketed since they were bought from Ford by Tata Motors. Jaguar’s legacy has been built on incredible sports roadsters since their very beginning in 1949 when William Lyons and William Walmsley designed the XK 120, 140, and 150. These are iconic classics that are now worth over $120,000 US if kept in mint condition. Not to mention, old Jags are constantly featured in Hollywood movies and the British Monarchy has been known for parading around the city in these gorgeous machines.

During the years that Ford owned Jaguar many critics argued that Jaguar had lost its European romanticism and success. However, in 2008 when Tata Motors bought Jaguar, they took on the challenge of reclaiming Jaguar’s class and style that was once enjoyed in the early and mid 1900’s. Moreover, Tata Motors has focused more specifically on the automobile’s futuristic persona. In 2011, Jaguar’s C-X16 concept car won the What Car? Award for the vehicle that most people would like to see launched in 2012. Jaguar delivered yet another bold move by introducing the C-X75 prototype in 2013. This super-car is part electric, and Jaguar hopes to capitalize on this green technology for future models.

In 2012, Jaguar launched a global marketing campaign known as “Alive” and has also become part owner of SPARK44, an international communications agency. According to Jaguar’s Brand Director, Adrian Hallmark, now is the perfect time to re-energize the “Jaguar Brand, both to underline how ambitious we are, and to reach a new and enlightened customer base that is rightly demanding of the cars it buys”. SPARK 44 will feature print, television, outdoor and digital media advertisements which ask “How Alive Are You?”. The commercials that have already surfaced are quickly catching on due to their creativity and connection to the public.

With all of this momentum on hand, we (myself and those of you who appreciate the beauty and design of Jaguars) hope that these strategic moves will continue to embrace Jaguar’s seductive performance.

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