The Saturday Evening Post to Attract Younger Readers with iOS

Deck:The American magazine appeals to young readers with new apps.

By: Julienne Bay, Staff Writer

Image courtesy of GoodEReader.com

Image courtesy of GoodEReader.com

The Saturday Evening Post, an American magazine, has decided to reshape its digital identity in accordance with the 21st century. In partnership with Yudu Media, a digital publishing company, the Post released its iPad and iPhone app on May 17. Readers can download a single issue for $3.99, or subscribe to a single issue for $1.99, which will renew automatically until cancelled.

With a history dating back 300 years, the Post has become one of the most beloved American magazines. It has ties with illustrators Norman Rockwell and John E. Sheridan as well as writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis.But are these famous names enough for the younger audience? The Post seems to think not.

“It’s a new market for the Post, and it’s a big market,” says Siddharth Krishnan, 28, a web application developer in Toronto. “The younger generation is growing up with these technologies, and so don’t get exposed to paper publications anymore.”

For those who still prefer flipping through papers, however, the magazine continues to be available in traditional print format.

 Julienne Bay is a j-student from Toronto. As an avid traveller, coffee-drinker and documentary junkie, she’s constantly trying to figure out what it means to be human.   

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