Through the Google Glass

The academy award winning documentary ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ was shot using Super 8 film to capture the more nostalgic feel of the 1970s. However, near the end of filming the production ran out of Super 8 film and could not afford any more. The director Malik Bendjelloul looked to the 8mm Vintage Camera app for the iPhone in desperation. The results were near indistinguishable from parts of the movie made using the costly Super 8 film.

The app cost $1.99.

What if Bendjelloul had shot most of his movie on a smartphone? How much money could he have saved in production? What other kind of apps are possible to help the visionary filmmaker? It is here where the revolutionary potential of Glass sleeps.

Muneer Huda writes out of Waterloo, Ontario. He enjoys all kinds of writing, but has a special love for speculative fiction. He aspires to support himself solely through his writing one day. http://muneerhuda.wordpress.com/

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