3 spectacular ways to add pizzazz to your office

Businesses – you are shoddy.

And you just don’t seem to be trying. Your walls are dingy, your washrooms have no class, your employees drag their way through their nine-to-five like extras from Dawn of the Dead and your interior design is about as intuitive as rocket science.

It’s time to make a change. Your workplace doesn’t have to resemble a tramp in a bin. Indeed, the downtrodden appearance of your business location could be actively dissuading customers from visiting.

Imagine you were a high-flying, suited and booted businessperson heading to a company’s HQ for a meeting. Would you want to make a transaction in an office that appears to be twinned with a dystopian future?

With that in mind, what can you do to give your business a fresh, clean and breezy feeling?

Wish for a washroom

Is there anything more off-putting than a washroom filthier than a sailor on shore leave?

Browning toilet bowls, fetid sinks and a hand dryer as powerful as an old man’s final breath. No one expects their facilities to be luxurious – but you’d rather they weren’t actively depressing.

Indeed, a decent washroom is about more than aesthetics. Without proper facilities, your employees will spread a ton of germs.

Invest in a washroom with a hand towel dispenser, plenty of hygiene products and a cleaner who’ll disinfect your facilities at regular intervals. You’ll quash the risk of an infected office and avoid your client’s gag reflex kicking in.


Your walls are an issue. Even if they’re just a simple beige, they’re as dull as dishwater. You need something that’ll give them a major injection of pizzazz – a little bit of sparkle to inspire your employees.

That doesn’t mean you should foist dodgy “motivational” art in their eyeline. You know, the types of posters that feature quotes about climbing the mountain of inspiration or overcoming the obstacles of apathy.

They’re about as inspiring as watching paint dry – although only marginally less stimulating.

Instead, find some art that fills you with joy. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. It only needs to make you enthuse and match the rest of your office.

With any luck, your love of art will trickle down to your staff, boosting their morale and giving them breathing space in a busy working environment.

Old Chinese traditions

Feng Shui is an ancient oriental practice dating back over two millennia. And although it’s awash with spiritual practices and concepts that might seem a bit hokey to modern eyes, it also contains a number of gospel truths about interior design.

Hire an expert in the art of Feng Shui to doll up your office and maximise the usefulness of your space. With their help, you’ll enjoy more sunlight, better space management and a workplace that’s open and happy.

Ultimately, the perfect business premises is the one that combines practicality with style. Manage this balancing act and you’ll have clients queuing up at your door.

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