The more the better?

Too much is like not enough

First published in The Indian Fusion
Written by Shaktiman Singh

The face of the educational system is changing world wide, and rapidly. There was once a time when the teacher had to bank upon self knowledge and text books to spread the light of knowledge. Today, he has the complete digital world at his disposal. Education today has moved out of the realm of the blackboard, classroom and conventional methods of teaching to a more intelligent, digitized and smarter way of imparting knowledge.

There is a plethora of opportunities that exist. A school can use visual aids in class rooms to teach kids everything, from the alphabets to complex algebra. Students can see what happened in the class when they were absent by accessing the classroom videos. They can get extra knowledge from the web world; discuss issues online with their friends as well as mentors. There are interactive whiteboards available, which, mind you, have proved to raise the level of student engagement in classroom and create a beautiful learning environment in the class including for the hearing or visually impaired. Classrooms can become Alice in wonderland when a 3d projector is used. Archaeology classes can actually let you explore the inside of a pharaoh’s tomb while you are comfortably seated in your chairs. Technology has become an integral part of the learning process.

And here comes the little BUT technology is a double edged sword baby!!!

With the influx of too much knowledge, we are today facing an overload of information. From the days of referring to a few books or teachers, today you have access to everything; and everything technically means every thing under the sun.

It becomes imperative for educators to filter out certain not needed items from the information list. Schools have to network administrators who keep up with latest threats to the system and use every resource judiciously.
It’s the knowledge era, or the know-too-much days? Do you know?

Courtesy The Indian Fusion

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