Electronic Infection

Exploring New Technology at CUTC Infect 2013

by Ani Hajderaj, staff writer


Photograph by Jovan Milosevic

These days, technology is developed and released to consumers at a breakneck pace that is showing no signs of deceleration.  Sometimes, just the sheer number of electronic options can be overwhelming. The Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference Infect (CUTC Infect) 2013, however, will give many the opportunity to see new technology up close and personal.  [pullquote]The conference features a variety of technology to suit every interest, from mind-controlled remotes to culinary breakthroughs.[/pullquote]

Now in its 14th year, the CUTC is Canada’s longest running undergraduate technology conference. The conference is designed to display current and new technology in an environment that promotes a non-stop learning experience to those who attend.  It has worked with over 150 industry leaders and has helped hundreds of students discover job opportunities.

This year, the organizers are planning to offer a more dynamic experience than that of previous CUTC conferences. There will be five keynote speakers and 30 breakout sessions to choose from at Infect 2013, allowing attendees plenty of options to appeal to their interests.  The official CUTC blog states that the goal is to allow people to experience the conference like Neo from The Matrix.  You can choose what you want to see, whenever you want to see it.

This year, there will also be a stronger emphasis on the presence of industry professionals gearing to teach interested individuals about the technological industry. High-end tech gadgets will be on site to interact with and to allow the CUTC to present a paperless, and more environmentally friendly, atmosphere. Finally, a “hackathon,” where new software is built in a single night, provides additional entertainment to the already busy schedule.

Among some of the most talked about technologies, MYO, the gesture control armband, has a lot buzz. This year, Stephen Lake from Thalmic Labs will be showing his MYO API, which uses the body’s electric signal to send commands on an armband that controls the user’s technological gadgets.  This includes the user’s phone or music player.

CUTC Infect 2013 guest speakers include Mike Shaver (Director of Mobile Engineering, Facebook), Zach Holman (Technical Blogger and Programmer, Github), Dr. Bob Richards (Co-Founder, International Space University and CEO, Moon Express) and Dr. Arthur Carty (Executive Director, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology).

CUTC Infect 2013 is an opportunity for both learning and entertainment.  The conference gives individuals a chance to network, while general technology lovers have a place to experience new technological projects and to share their interests.

Both Toronto and Vancouver will be hosting the 2013 CUTC. In Toronto, the conference will be inside the Ted Roger’s building of Ryerson University between May 4-5.  The University of British Columbia will host the Vancouver CUTC on Saturday May 4 of this year.  Tech enthusiasts, get ready to be CUTC infected.

Ani Hajderaj is a journalism student involved in the electronic music scene in Toronto. He enjoys writing about music, technology, business and the general city life. Please follow him on twitter @AniHajderaj.

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