Review: Windows Phone 7 OS

By Saif Qureshi, Online Editor

Windows Phone 7 is a new operating system launched by Microsoft just recently in an attempt to recapture its share of the smartphone market.  The OS will launch on October 21 in Europe and Asia and will be followed by an expected launch in the US and Canada by November 8, 2010.

The features include a new and improved user interface based upon the previous Microsoft Zune mp3 player. The interface is called Metro and will consist of tiles, which are interactive links to different activities your phone can do such as contacts, weather or applications. Additionally, the operating system contains of “Hubs” such as music, Microsoft Office and pictures.

One of the main features of the operating system is its integration with XBOX Live.  Users will be able to play many of the same games they can play on their Xbox right now, and will also be able to view their game levels and achievements.  Additionally, you can start playing a game at home and then continue where you left off of using your phone.

Other features include being able to use the Microsoft Office suite on your phone as well as Microsoft OneNote, which will sync  your notes automatically across your Microsoft Sky Drive account and Office 2010.

It appears that Microsoft may finally emerge as a major player in this market which in the past few years has become dominated by players such as Apple’s iOS, RIM and Google’s Android.  It seems that Microsoft’s plans are finally starting to make sense but even now features such as “copy and paste” and multi-tasking are still missing from this version of the OS.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the Smartphone wars play out especially with the mighty Microsoft entering the battle.

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