Student Spotlight: Marc Busko

The Arbitrage Magazine is a big believer in entrepreneurship, for the benefits it provides society and for the individuals who risk everything to pursue this line of work.  For this reason, the Arbitrage Magazine never misses an opportunity to highlight students who take entrepreneurship to heart, promote it and make it a part of their lifestyles. The first of our Student Spotlight series is Marc Busko, of Appleton, Wisconsin, U.S.A.  This is his message.

The Importance of Entrepreneurship at the High School Level

By Marc Busko

The one thing the world needs now more than ever is the ever interesting entrepreneur! My name is Marc Busko and I am currently a senior at Kimberly High School in Kimberly, Wisconsin. I am also the Kimberly High School DECA President (An Association of Marketing Students). On the side, I do my best to volunteer as much as I can with organizations like the United Way of the Fox Cities and the American Red Cross.

This year I began a journey to promote entrepreneurship to students within my high school. I used a variety of methods to get the students fired up about entrepreneurship including: facilitating workshops that detailed entrepreneurship and helping students find their inner entrepreneur. I also designed surveys that asked students to demonstrate their knowledge of entrepreneurship and also conducted presentations to marketing classes throughout the school.

I feel that high school students especially need to know the benefits of entrepreneurship and that entrepreneurship is a worthwhile option during high school and throughout college—rather than just obtaining a post secondary education. Students need to learn about the benefits of entrepreneurship in our society. We need to start implementing classes that help students develop business plans or teach them about the principals of the free enterprise system.

Entrepreneurs are truly the backbone of this society; they are some of the most important individuals in America (and the world)! They are the ones who will help this economy turn back around. They are the innovators. They are the thinkers, the doers and the ones who aren’t afraid to risk it all!

Within our current economic crisis, a very daunting statistic that states that 1 in 5 college students are unable to find a job after completing college. This statistic is staggering and freighting to students, especially with the thousands of dollars in student loans to pay back. Students now more than ever need that competitive edge to thrive! And what better way to thrive then to become an entrepreneur!

Recently, I appeared as a guest host on WHBY 1150 am BIZ Talk to discuss entrepreneurship at the high school level, as well as my own journey. I stressed the importance of goal setting, determination, passion and getting involved early on in high school. I hope my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship will ignite the interest of my peers and also everyone at the Arbitrage Magazine.


To contact Marc, you can reach him by email at (BuskoBar@gmail.com) and on Twitter at (MarcBusko_Bars).

If you are a student of merit and want your story or project highlighted in the Arbitrage, please contact us at: Submissions@ArbitrageMagazine.com

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