How to Build YOUR Perfect Résumé

My name is Samita Vasudeva, member of the Arbitrage Magazine Board of Directors, and I want to welcome you to the FREE Arbitrage Magazine “Building YOUR Perfect Résumé ” tutorial!

A résumé won’t get you the job of your dreams. But a good résumé WILL get you the interview for that dream job. It’s a tool to get your foot through that door, and this tutorial will show you how to make you stand out above the rest.

By signing up for this FREE email tutorial, you’ll receive a short emails (for the next seven days) that will outline the meat and potatoes of writing a perfect résumé. On day six of this tutorial, you’ll receive pointers about how to write an effective cover letter.

Throughout these emails, we will offer download links to PDFs and Word docs that contain more detailed info and examples you can use to further refine and perfect your résumé.

And on day seven, you’ll receive a FREE and super spectacular gift (well, I think so anyway) that will help you generate increased interest in your résumé and potentially lead to job offers you would have never expected. Again, all free.

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