Dominate LinkedIn: How to Increase Your Connection Count

LinkedIn is one of the web’s fastest growing social networks. It’s used around the world. It has the highest concentration of business professionals of any social media platform. And it is said that 1 in every 10 LinkedIn profiles belongs to a recruiter from medium to large companies and recruitment firms.

LinkedIn may be flying under the radar right now, but it’s truly the next big thing for young professionals like yourself. If you’ve just graduated or are looking for that next job, LinkedIn can be an invaluable asset.

That’s why the Arbitrage Magazine produced a new and FREE eBook – LinkedIn Domination – that will tell you exactly what you need to know to set up your LinkedIn profile and then supercharge it to get the most out of it.

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LinkedIn is the right place if you want to find past and present colleagues and classmates quickly. It’s the perfect tool if you’re looking to build your business, generate leads, build quality relationships, and even find that next job!

As a student or job hunter, knowing the basics of LinkedIn and having a “supercharged” LinkedIn page is a must if you want to achieve any of the above four goals. So take advantage of LinkedIn’s benefits by applying the tips LinkedIn Domination teaches you!

We’ll start by running through the basics of setting up your LinkedIn profile, then move to exploring optimization strategies, then implement advanced features dedicated to improving your LinkedIn page even more.

The table of contents is below:

Basic Tips for LinkedIn Newbies

Tip 1: Don’t leave your page unfinished
Tip 2: Show a professional profile picture
Tip 3: How to start your network

Supercharging your LinkedIn Page

Tip 1: How to rank first in keyword search
Tip 2: Make your headline simple and value driven
Tip 3: Update your status to drive traffic
Tip 4: For recommendations, give first and ye shall receive
Tip 5: Supercharge your connection count
Tip 6: Answers
Tip 7: Sharing your skills

Using advanced applications

Tip 1: How to use the SlideShare App
Tip 2: How to use the Blogging App
Tip 3: How to use the Amazon App
Tip 4: How to use the Google Docs
Tip 5: How to use the Tweets app

So don’t wait, take action now to supercharge your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn Domination is free and easy to read. And after you follow all the steps we outline, you can expect your connection count to explode!

Get started now!

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