Sponsored Video: Shell explores our 2050 energy future

Shell explores the energy challenges and opportunities our future world faces

The world is standing on a ledge.

We’re growing at a pace that some feel is faster than the earth can accommodate. By 2050, some analysts predict that the world’s population will grow to nine billion, up from seven billion today. This is huge. And this is dangerous.

Unlike what most economists believe, the Earth has a finite amount of resources. It can only support so many at one time. The world’s oceans are thinning out from overfishing. Farm yields are plateauing due to climate change and ballooning cities encroaching on fertile farm land. The earth’s reserves of easily accessible oil are peaking, thereby increasing the cost of oil and just about everything else that depends on it (i.e. everything).

It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that most of the developing world are aspiring to live the energy rich lifestyles found in Europe and North America. Even today, if everyone in India and China lived lifestyles on par with those in the West, there just wouldn’t be enough resources on the planet to meet their needs.

But that’s where we’re headed. And with the rise of technology, the pace will only quicken. 2050 will be a landmark era in human history. Whether it will be for good or the worse will depend on the choices our governments, our corporations, and readers like you make today. Will we be able to make the long-term investments needed to stave off disaster and create a world rich enough for all?

One company that thinks so is Shell. It plans to invest $100 billion from 2011-2014 to support a low-carbon future by building new energy production into cleaner energy sources like natural gas and biofuels. Shell believes that by making these strategic investments now, up to 30% of the world’s energy could come from renewables by 2050.

Learn more about our energy future by checking out the full length version of Shell’s documentary via the link below.

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