Earning a College Degree – Does it Matter?

How far can it take you?

By Max Oser, Contributing Writer

In this tough economy, where jobs are becoming harder and harder to find, there is talk about whether or not it is worth it to earn a college degree. Many people wonder if going into debt for a degree, only to have a hard time finding employment and paying back student loans, is worth it. Is it?

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Earning your degree takes sacrifice. As a student, you’ll sacrifice time and money to enroll in classes. If you are already in the work force, you’ll likely face unique challenges while you earn your degree. You may have to work part time or you may be able to attend night classes after work. However, even in a tough economy all those sacrifices are worth it in the end.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Only a few years ago, almost every applicant for a job had a degree. But, now that’s not always the case, which means that the degree on your resume can give you an edge over other applicants. Your degree and any other training and special qualifications you earn will help you stand out when an employer has several resumes to sift through.

Earning your degree also means you are probably more qualified for a job. Employers like candidates that are ready to hit the ground running and won’t require extra training. Your degree will attract employers looking for candidates who have strong skills they can bring to the table right away.

Career Advancement

Right now it may not seem like earning a degree will be extremely beneficial. However, a few years into your career, when the economy picks up again, your degree will do more than help you land a job. [pullquote]Never forget, people with degrees usually earn more money and are more likely to earn promotions.[/pullquote]

A degree can also help you change careers altogether. If you find that you don’t have a passion for your career, or just want to try something new, a degree can help you do it. Many people earn a degree in a broad area, and then create a niche career for themselves as they gain experience.

Regardless of what you may think, earning your college degree is still a priceless opportunity. When you earn your degree, you are opening new doors that will help you land that first job and be successful throughout your entire career.

Max Oser is an avid blogger that writes for ScholarshipScouts.org, an online resource that helps students search for scholarships and financial aid programs that fit their personality and situation.


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