Get ARB Involved!

The Arbitrage needs the support of our readers to grow towards our goal of being the most widely read student publication in Canada (and eventually, the world).  Below are just some of the ways you can get involved with the ARB!


Help us spread the good word about the ARB by downloading the Arbitrage Magazine logo and posting it everywhere and/or linking it to: http://www.ArbitrageMagazine.com


If you like an article, say so! If you think it sucketh balls, please say so also! Commenting is what will truly make the Arbitrage a community and not just a magazine, so please go ahead. Share. Bitch. Rant. Just be kosher about it.


We’ll make you guys a deal. If you create a video about the Arbitrage or about an article you read in the Arbitrage, we will post it on our website and promote it on our social media. We are working hard on building a video production unit within our team to create great content for all of you, but we still want to involve all of you in that content creation process!

Send your submissions* to: submissions@arbitragemagazine.com


ARBITRAGE editors welcome submissions from writers and photographers. Download the Arbitrage Submissions Guide for details.* When ready, send your submissions to: submissions@arbitragemagazine.com


Suggestions? Kudos? Criticisms? The Arbitrage welcomes Letters To The Editor. Send them our way, just due keep them under 100 words. Email: letters@arbitragemagazine.com


If you are a business student of merit, a professor or industry professional, and you are willing to graciously lend your time to be interviewed for one of the Arbitrages future columns, please contact: query@arbitragemagazine.com


At present, we are ACTIVELY searching for new writers, graphic designers, marketers, communications and sales staff to work for the ARBITRAGE, Canada’s first, national, student-run business magazine.

If interested, please send a cover letter, résumé (and sample of your work if you’re a writer or designer) to: hr@arbitragemagazine.com


To get the latest Arbitrage Magazine updates, advance access to the latest issues of the ARB and advance notice and special access to ARB contests, please join our newsletter (found on the right side of the page)!


The Arbitrage Magazine loves its readers!  Part of loving is giving.   Thus, at any one time, the ARB will be running between 1-3 (or more) contests per month that will include cash and other prizes.  As we grow, so will the size of our contests!  To learn more and enter, please visit our contest page!


If you have ideas about how the Arbitrage Magazine can improve it’s magazine, website, newsletters, future ARB TV initiative, or even story ideas you’d like us to cover,

Please send your suggestions to: tips@arbitragemagazine.com



*LEGAL NOTE: All letters or pictures submitted may be published by the Arbitrage, unless expressly forbidden by the sender. Names will be withheld on request. The Arbitrage cannot be held responsible for the return of unsolicited material. All submissions may be edited for punctuation, grammar, style and length. Not all material may be published.

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