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By Narayguy
From Honest College
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A few things to look out for in that promising job email, these RED FLAGS should jump off the page and slap you in the face when you see them.

They don’t address you by name, but use “Candidate or Employee.”

They immediately list your potential salary. Salary is something that takes time to determine and depends on previous experience, not something to be blatantly advertised via email.

The email says, “No experience necessary.” This is a huge red flag, I mean really that basically means a baby could be hired.

They link you to a new form or survey that has nothing to do with the position you’ve applied for.

They use too many phrases like, “competitive hiring, excellent incentives, you will thrive, attractive bonuses” and others that are just too good to be true. Keep in mind, a company doesn’t just want to give you their money. These phrases are usual cheap ploys to get your attention.

They mention any sort of fee, for a training course for example. A legit company will pay your way through training.

They tell you to contact them via phone, but its an 1800 number instead of a personal contact.

They ask if you’d be willing to “further your education with one of their clients.”

If you’re at all suspicious about the company, remember that google is your friend. Google the company name along with scam.

By Narayguy
From Honest College
Content Partner

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