Web Host Review and the Best Hosting Deals

“Once you are set up with a Web Host this gives you the ability to back up all of your files on a remote server”

By Garin Kilpatrick, Contributing Blogger
From http://garinkilpatrick.com
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Anyone who is serious about creating a presence online must pay a web host for hosting to truly take control of your success online.

Once you are set up with a Web Host this gives you the ability to back up all of your files on a remote server.  This way your files will be safe if your hard drive ever crashes.

I have contacted the three hosting providers below and they have hooked up with some pretty sweet web hosting deals, so check them out!


HostGator is the host of over 4,000,000 domains.  With HostGator for only $7.95 a month you can host unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.  HostGator has great customer service and I highly recommend them.

HostGator Guarantee: 45 Day Money Back Guarantee


JustHost is a cool deal because not only are they the cheapest web hosting solution that I have been able to find, they also come with a rock solid guarantee, and even a FREE domain.

JustHost Guarantee: Anytime Money Back Guarantee


BlueHost has affordable and reliable web hosting.  They really do seem to be a great value, since they offer solid technology, one click install of web apps like WordPress, and even offer free set up and a free domain forever.


GoDaddy is a great web host.  The thing I really like about GoDaddy is the reliable customer service that they have.  Every time I have called GoDaddy with an issue they have been able to help me resolve the situation right away.

Some of my websites are coded in Adobe Cold Fusion, I host them with GoDaddy.  I find that my websites hosted with Godaddy are always fast and I have never had any website down time in the several years that GoDaddy has hosted my websites.

The above three services are the three web hosts that I use, and recommend.

Do you have a web host?

If you purchase one of the web hosting packages through the ads above, send me an email: at Garin[at]GarinKilpatrick.com and I will email you a free .PDF called The Web HostingStarter Pack which will give you some solid advice about what options are available to you once you have a web hosting account.

I will also email you the handy report: How to back up a hard drive with your new hosting account.

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Are you happy with your web host? Let me know in the comments below.

By Garin Kilpatrick, Contributing Blogger
From http://garinkilpatrick.com
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