Boost in Global Insecurity: ‘All-Time High Terrorism’

By Adeola Onafuwa, Junior Staff Writer (Twitter: Deola_O)

“Terrorism is at an all-time high worldwide,” says United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, Intelligence Committee Chairman, during the Global Security Threats annual assessment.

686. This is the confirmed number of fatal casualties of terrorist attacks just two months into 2014. There were 67 different terrorist attacks in various countries around the globe, which have raised serious concerns about the future of terrorism and the reality of global insecurity. Can formal International Organizations continue to be trusted to keep us safe? Or do we seek help from informal and ad hoc approaches such as BRICS?

In a recent Intelligence Committee Hearing, Lt. Gen James Clapper (rtd.) admits that, in over more than a century in intelligence, he has not experienced a time when we have been beset by more crisis and threat around the globe. Terrorism is steadily becoming more sophisticated and its targets are becoming more widespread.

Marc Goodman, who heads the Future Crimes Institute, shares his vision on the future of terrorism in one of the  TED talks.

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