Harper Government Decreases Federal Investment for Science and Technology

Statistics Canada reports that federal science and technology spending is declining.

By: Fatima Syed, Staff Writer

In its annual survey of all federal government departments and agencies, Statistics Canada has reported that the $10.5 billion of the federal budget set aside for science and technology investment this fiscal year is 3.3 per cent lower than the previous fiscal period.HARPERUntitled

Released on July 30th, the survey examines the period from September 10, 2012 to January 11, 2013, and has noticed a declining trend in science and technology spending by the federal government.

The Conservative government has received criticism for this decline form the federal New Democrats, who see this reduction as part of a “short-term vision for research and technology” that will “significantly harm Canadian economic development in coming years.”

“In their 2011 election platform, Conservatives promised to ‘promote innovation — and ultimately to help create good jobs and foster long-term economic growth,”‘ they added in the same statement.

[pullquote]Conservatives promised to ‘promote innovation — and ultimately to help create good jobs and foster long-term economic growth[/pullquote]

According to a spokeswoman for Greg Rickford, federal minister of state for science and technology, the Harper administration has been making record investments in the science and technology industry.

Statistic Canada additionally notes that two-thirds of this anticipated budget is to be focused on research and development.

Fiona Buchanan of Postmedia News, reported in the Edmonton Journal that most of these cuts will hit the category called “related scientific activities,” which include things like collecting data or providing information services , all of which support research and development.[1]

With files form the CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2013/07/31/science-technology-spending-federal-government.html

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