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Written by Shelly Verma, Contributing Writer

Image Courtesy of Shelbi Noble

Image Courtesy of Shelbi Noble

Advancements in science and technology have created a whole new world for job seekers. With new inventions, more and more skilled people are required to operate the systems created. It’s important for job seekers and students to identify special skills that are constantly in demand by businesses.

The most available jobs for 2012 in various sectors include the following:

1) System Analyst
Salary range: $48,360-$119,070

The minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree in any computer related field. To improve or update skills, the person must invest valuable time in learning business systems analysis.
With developments in the IT Sector, more and more offices are now seeking to use networking systems. Whether it’s a large corporation or a small business, business solutions and other software have proved to be more effective . Network system analysts are in demand to install and maintain networking systems.

2) Software engineers
Salary range: $54,360-$87,790

Although you can find a job with just a two year degree, it’s better to take the four years to earn a Bachelor’s degree in computer software engineering. With the growth of the IT sector, the demand for software engineers has also increased. Software engineers analyze user demands and create software designs to meet those demands. There’s a lot of scope for innovations in developing and designing software programs to suit various professions.

[pullquote]Make sure you obtain the required education and knowledge at the right time to make the most out of your skills[/pullquote]3) Database Administrators
Salary range: $41,570-$115,660

The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or management systems. MBAs and certificates from database platforms, allow one to transfer skills from one company to another, which can be a valuable asset on your resume. Most offices need easy access to relevant data. Database administrators use special software to store, update and retrieve data as needed and when required. They need to be knowledgeable about the available software for specific tasks. They also need to be familiar with features of the database system that the office uses. A database administrator could even work online or as a virtual assistant.

4) Occupational Therapist
Salary range:  $48,920-$102,520

To begin practice, an occupational therapist needs a master’s degree from an accredited university. Occupational therapists are trained to help others with a mental, physical, developmental and/or psychological condition(s). They’re able to help patients with specific problem areas by encouraging a positive attitude, identifying their potential skills and re developing self confidence so that they can continue life to the fullest. Occupational therapists are needed in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools and even by patients individually for career advice.

5) Dentist
Average Salary: $142,090

A degree in Dentistry and license to practice needed. Oral health and hygiene is an issue that most people are concerned with nowadays. the demand for dentists or dental hygienists is increasing. Dentists could make a good earning by setting up their own clinics or associating with other health care centres as the number of people visiting dentists is considerable.

6) Medical assistants
Salary range:  $20,810-$40,190

They need vocational training from colleges or high schools. With growth in the healthcare sector, medical practitioners will be needing qualified persons to assist in clinical and administrative tasks. Ophthalmologists, physicians, chiropractors and other medical practitioners typically appoint medical assistants to manage their practice routines.

7) Physical therapist
Salary range: $53,620-$107,920

It requires a minimum master’s degree to begin practice as a physical therapist. Athletes, sports persons, amputees or stroke victims may find themselves in adverse physical conditions. Physical therapists are skilled in helping such persons to improve motion, muscular strength and coordination to regain their mobility. this profession is already in demand in the healthcare sector and is likely to remain so in the coming years.

Salary range details have been taken from money.usnews.com. There are many other avenues that can be explored for a career. Today, the combination of healthier, longer lives, and the global market growth increasing competition, allows careers ranging from health care professionals to strategy makers are available for those who want to enjoy their work and make a great living. Make sure you obtain the required education and knowledge at the right time to make the most out of your skills in order to beat the recession.

Shelly Verma is an avid business writer touching on topics from higher education, career improvement, self-help and home improvement.

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