Make The New iPad Your Own With A Decal

When it comes to your iPad, you don’t have many complaints. As far as tablets go, it’s a hardworking, capable piece of technology that’s easy to transport and use. But like all Apple products, its design is a little subdued. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the iPad conveys a sleek and sophisticated style. The only problem is that its modern silhouette is lacking a bit of personality.

Rectangular, white, and glossy – three things it shares with literally every other iPad. If you were only sharing these features with a handful of other users, it could be tolerable. But the idea that over 282 million iPads have been sold since its debut isn’t quite as acceptable. That’s over 282 identical rectangular devices that look exactly like yours. Save for the unique combination of apps, pictures, and passwords you’ve saved to your tablet, your iPad is indistinguishable from any crowd. Knowing that you’re just one of many can leave you feeling ‘sheep’-ish. If you’re ready to break out of the mould and let your personality shine through, it’s time you investigated iPad decals.

Decals (or skins) are the easiest, most effective, and most affordable way to ensure your iPad stands out from the crowd. Similar to the way a decal fits over your car, an iPad decal adheres to the surface of your device. Save for the touchscreen, it clings to every curve and corner of the iPad without any messy residues. It’s so clean, in fact, that you can remove one decal to make room for another without encountering any left-behind glue. And you very well will want to interchange decals, as iPad skins come in a variety of cool colours and textures that the device lacks. Known for their brightness and vibrancy, you’ll be tempted to get a whole set of them.

While searching through the interesting decals you can get, keep an eye on their additional features. Some quality made skins are capable of doing much more than merely transforming the look of your iPad. The decals for your new iPad from dbrand can provide unprecedented protection for your valuable device. Using a strong and durable 3M vinyl, their fully customizable skins also defend your vulnerable iPad from scratches, dings, and dents. Its surface also has more of a texture than the sleek backing of the iPad, giving your hand something to hold onto – making it less likely to meet its end on the floor.

When superior iPad skins (or decals) can offer you exceptional damage protection while adding a splash of personality to your dull device, why wait to get your own? Go online to search through the greatest selection of 3M vinyl skins and outfit your iPad in stylish protection. With one (or a whole set) you’ll never be just another iPad owner ever again.

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