Online Florist Releases New Information on Seasonal Availability

Online florist Michael Dark has provided customers with professional advice on seasonal availability of various flowers. Concerned about both the environment and the bank balances of his customers, they want to ensure people gain a greater understanding of which flowers grow when.

Michael Dark, an online florist operating from Newton Abbot in Devon, has today released new information about seasonable availability of flowers in the UK. They hope that, by providing this information, people will have a greater understanding of flowers, as well as the prices that are charged. After all, not everything grows all the time.

“When people come to us in January asking for a bouquet of Alstroemeria (Peruvian lily), we don’t want to disappoint them”, explains a spokesperson for www.michaeldark.co.uk. “However, this is very much a summer flower, which means it has to be imported. This significantly increases the cost, because importing flowers from far away is expensive. We also cannot stock these types of flowers in our store during winter months, which means they have to be ordered and people can’t receive them the same day.”

Having an awareness of the seasonal availability of flowers is important for several reasons, and research has shown that we now live in a world where people no longer have any great understanding of this. While money is, naturally, an important factor, the environment also has to be considered. When people look for summer flowers in winter, or vice versa, they are asking trucks and planes to travel the globe on their behalf, all of which leads to significant carbon emissions. Additionally, it means plants are taken out of their own ecosystem and put into a foreign one, which has the potential to have devastating effects.

A good example is the Japanese Knotweed. This is a species of plant that has been introduced to the United Kingdom and that is wreaking havoc across the countryside. It is a highly invasive type of weed that reproduces incredibly quickly. It is so strong that it forces various native plants out of existence, slowly killing them off. Although it prefers to be near water, it can grow anywhere and there is significant concern that it could eventually take over the countryside. Additionally, it has a very powerful root structure, which is causing damage to roads and buildings. It was introduced to this country sometime during the 19th century, when people believed that its small flowers would look beautiful in gardens.

Different flowers grow in different months and it is always easier to get hold of these during those time periods, even if they are not necessarily native to the United Kingdom. Indeed, the vast majority of flowers that are sold in the UK actually come from the Netherlands, which is a country famous for its export of flowers, and not just tulips.

In April, seasonal flowers include the African Lily, Mimosa, the Snapdragon, the Spider Orchid, the Canterbury Bells, the Foxtail Lily, the Freesia, the Lily of the Valley, the Narcissus, the Peony and the Rose to name but a few. When visiting websites like MichaelDark.co.uk, these types of flowers are more likely to be on offer, and more likely to be readily available as well. As a result, they will also be far more affordable.

“We want to make sure that people are able to get their hands on beautiful flowers without breaking the bank”, adds the spokesperson. “Hence, we want to make sure that they can receive sound professional advice in terms of which flowers are in season and what their availability is. That is all part of our service.”

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