Is Microsoft’s Creativity Too Late?

Windows 8 Opens With Mixed Reviews

By Rick Emrith, Staff Writer

Image Courtesy of: BGR.com

In the world of technology, the only thing harder than making it to the top is staying there. Getting too complacent with your success and lacking creativity are just a few of the challenges that top technological companies face. You’re judged from your best success and your most recent failure because those are the two things that people will remember the most.

Microsoft has recently released its new Windows 8 operating system (OS). Windows 8 was met with mixed reviews but more important, it showed that Microsoft was finally changing it up and showing some creativity. The only question was: is it too late for Microsoft?

The Windows 8 OS was completely different from anything Microsoft had released before.  It was the exact opposite of what Microsoft had become known for. For years they would keep pushing additions on the same tired and old concept, while Apple came in and redefined creativity in the minds of many consumers.

Even Apple’s marketing was way more creative then what Microsoft could come up with—remember the “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercials? It was that kind of creativity and innovation that started Apple’s climb to dominance. Now it seems like Microsoft is the one trying to make a comeback but is anyone really taking notice?

Say what you want about any previous Windows operating system, there was one thing it had, it was so easy to use. You could give a PC running Windows 7 to any technophobe and they would figure out most of the basic navigations. Windows 8 has completely changed that, with no start menu it has left some people feeling lost and others hesitant to give it a shot.

The Windows 8 OS eliminated everything from all previous Windows operating systems. The iconic start button is nowhere to be found.  Microsoft makes no qualms about the fact that this new tiled layout was designed with touch interface in mind.

With the new operating system came the introduction of the Microsoft Surface, Windows tablet that’s supposed to compete with the iPad. The launches didn’t stop there as the Windows Phone 8, which includes the release of smartphones from HTC and Nokia running on the new operating.[pullquote] Initial reviews of Windows 8 have gone from cautiously optimistic that with time the interface can be mastered to downright hatred for it.[/pullquote]

But initial reviews of Windows 8 have gone from cautiously optimistic that with time the interface can be mastered to downright hatred for it. Being familiar with iOS and Android operating systems and even Windows 7 does not help much when trying to master Windows 8. The Surface tablet has underwhelmed in reviews and sales.

Zach Epstein of Boy Genius Report (BGR) said, “In a note to clients picked up by Forbes, the firm states that Surface sales in the December quarter are shaping up to fall into the 500,000 to 600,000-unit range, well below its earlier estimates of between 1 million and 2 million units.”

This doesn’t bode well for Microsoft as the Windows 8 OS was supposed to excel on touch screen devices.  After years of being the status quo to being known as outdated and simplistic, Microsoft is making the moves to revitalize the company and return to market dominance.  This is a step in the right direction for Microsoft, but it appears they have started their journey a little too late.



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