Laptops For All Of Your BYOT Needs

BYOT; it’s not just a random collection of letters that your boss has decided to type out on the office-wide memo. BYOT stands for ‘Bring Your Own Technology’, and if your company has recently implemented this policy, then it’s time you started looking for some new tech.

BYOT is gaining ground across industries, as companies integrate personally owned electronics in order to make IT more self-sufficient. It ends up saving the business quite a lot of money when their employees are the one to supply their own devices. But it also pays off in other ways, as employees are more likely to shell out for newer, better performing machines than the company would be able to choose had they outfitted the entire office with electronics.

Of course, the ‘T’ in this acronym can mean anything – mobile phones, iPads, and any other handheld device. It can also mean laptops, but it doesn’t quite cover desktop computers. After all, you’re expected to bring your tech to and from the office. Considering your line of your, however, a smaller device like a smartphone or tablet isn’t capable of keeping up. These handheld devices don’t have enough memory or processing powers to run the various programs and applications that you use every day. Beyond simple emailing and word processing, these electronics won’t be much help. In which case, in order to fulfill the ‘T’, you’re going to need a laptop.

If you’re lucky, your boss will give you a budget with which to purchase your new laptop; however, don’t be surprised if they don’t. As you’ll be bringing your laptop home with you at the end of each shift, and you’ll have it with you on weekends, it isn’t company property. Many employers won’t want to cover the bill for a piece of technology you might also be using in your spare time to watch movies and play games. Fair enough, we say, especially considering the prices of the latest notebook laptops. This isn’t the early 2000s. You can now get a high-performing, versatile machine without breaking the bank.

While you save a bit of money, you’ll also benefit from the fact that you can purchase a notebook that’s been tailored to your needs. The latest enterprise laptops are built with 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors, complemented by Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Hyper-Threading Technology, so you’ll encounter no problems tabbing through typical office programs. If you’re in design, architectural, or engineering fields, there are even more powerful notebooks that run such programs as AutoCad® and solidWorks®. When you shop online, you can find high-performing laptops that build on top of this solid base. The Toshiba notebooks at Toshiba.ca/business-notebooks-laptops/ come with VNIDIA Mobile Quadro KM2100 GPU and 2 GB of memory so that any program you need for your 9 – 5 runs smoothly.

And when you stick to the best enterprise notebooks for your BYOT piece, you’ll also benefit from full HD displays. To your boss you can explain this provides the ideal resolution and clarity for presentations; however, you know once you get your notebook home it’ll make a great screen for the latest blockbuster. So take advantage for what your office’s BYOT policy really is – an opportunity to get the latest notebook technology.

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